The offer of massages is on the rise. From hotels and spas to beauty salons and doctor’s offices, a massage can get you almost anywhere. When we let ourselves be pampered by these services, what to turn to? In the end, there is no single answer. Intuition and experience play a key role to choose a sex massage barcelona. The important thing is not to surrender to the first. If you go to a massage and you do not like, you had bad luck; I’m sure if you keep looking you will find the ideal massage therapist and you will enjoy one of the best experiences of your life.

8 ideas to search for a massage therapist

1. Seeks to be certified: While it is true that not all good therapists are certified and not all certificates are good masseuses, a certificate reduces the risk that you will fall in the hands of a charlatan. This means that their skills were validated and evaluated by a board. There are certified national and state. In the united States operates the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, and they have a search service of masseurs at the national level. Another thing you can do is find out where he studied and investigate the reputation of the school.

2. Ask for recommendations: Either with friends or through the Internet. Many spas have web pages where customers leave testimonials. There are also search services, like Google Maps, where you can read comments about the business that it can’t control. This is not a strategy for sure, because to recommend a masseuse is as to recommend a movie, only the actors you buried elbows in the back.

3. Know the place: If you make an appointment go to the facilities first. It seems irrelevant, but the atmosphere is a fundamental part for a massage. You want to feel relaxed, that there is no noise, that they have the space, in the end, you want to feel comfortable and have the right to see without touching. Even the most luxurious places have tours, so don’t buy without looking.

4. Choose according to your needs: There are budgets and also techniques that suit you. It is not true that the more expensive is better. Normally, any massage that cost more than 50-80 dollars leads in the price the cost of the installations. Perhaps you offer a spa or hydrotherapy, which is nice, but not necessary if you can’t or don’t want to pay for it. Remember to find out the ways of payment.

5. Ask questions to your therapist: Make some questions that give you confidence. If you want a massage to relax or to heal an injury or a nuisance, make sure that your therapist is knowledgeable in the topic. Find out what products you use, what is your experience, how long the session, etc.

6. Feel the chemistry: In the end, what matters is that you feel comfortable and part of that depends on the relationship you establish before and during the massage. The amount of pressure, the level of intimacy, the communication that has the massage you always varies from masseuse to masseuse and from client to client. Only you will be in the best hands when you believe that it is so.

7. Pick a place close to you: So says my father and applied at the time of choosing a masseuse. If you want to relax but you have to travel two hours on public transport to get to the best therapist, maybe you should reconsider the second-best, that is closer to your home or office.

8. Get some feedback: If the session you liked you’re almost all the way gone. At the end, talk to your masseuse and ask for diagnosis and advice. He should be able to tell you if you should do any exercise or change a habit to improve your health. Your tips are almost as important as the massage. Remember that you can be in the hands of the best therapist in the world but that doesn’t mean you have to accept feeling uncomfortable. It will be the best massage therapist only if you think to yourself. If you don’t like the deal, or if you feel your privacy is not respected, find someone else.

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