Who doesn’t like a good massage on the back? Sure that there must be hardly anyone who does not know to appreciate this gesture of caring on the part of someone, or who has not decided to go to a massage therapist. Knowing how to give a relaxing massage is very important, just like barcelona escorts do, as they are easy to make and can alleviate many aches and pains and contractures. Do you want to learn to make them?

The massage you can do it on a bed of massage-if you have-, a sofa, a dining table with some type of cushion to generate a soft surface, or even on the bed. Choose the most comfortable place to make the most out of the experience.

How to prepare yourself for a massage

Not only is it important to a relaxing massage in itself, but also the environment where we do it. The person who is going to do you must be relaxed and feel comfortable, so that, despite the fact that you will have to remove part of the clothes, we should always do it in a way that does not feel uncomfortable. You can give her a towel to wrap around it, tell you that you are change in another site, and then remove it once you’re lying down the person.

Generate a pleasant environment: the room should not be very cold, put on some soothing music and dim lights. Make a person to feel comfortable: let him know when you’re going to start with the massage, who sits quietly tell you that something hurts or is uncomfortable. Begin with the lower part of the back: put one hand above the other, with the palm extended. Make small circular motions two or three times on each area, moving further up.

Different movements for different sensations

Another movement of a relaxing massage we can do is to put the hand in the shape of L, and then massaging by hand as well, so that we exert some pressure with the fingers. At the end of the movement, lift up slightly on the wrist to put pressure on the muscle.

Beam movements supporting the knuckles of the hand, repeated two or three times while avoiding the lower part of the back, and logically also the spine. Give special importance to the trapezius muscle.

Use the thumb to make moves upward in the area between the shoulder blade and the spine, it is not necessary to do a lot of pressure. Then, make quick and wide movements across the back with the palm of the hand, and then with the fingers well open.